Luciano Gatto - Over 60 years of Italian humor comics

Luciano Gatto - Over 60 years of Italian humor comics

From the 11th to the 24th of September, the Chaniartoon International Comics Festival in Chania tells in an exhibition the career of one of the most important creators of Italian humorous comics, specifically with Disney characters: Luciano Gatto. In the exhibition, you will see original pages and illustrations from different periods of his long career.

The official presentation of the exhibition will take place on Friday, September 22 at 18:00, in the presence of the great Italian artist, Luciano Gatto, as well as his student and Disney comic book designer, Valerio Held.

Luciano Gatto was born in Venice on May 21, 1934. In 1955 a neighbor, who knew his passion for drawing and Disney characters, informed him that another Venetian, a certain Romano Scarpa, had started drawing stories for the " Topolino", the weekly magazine corresponding to the Greek "Mickey Mouse". The news excites Gatto, who begins copying the Disney characters, later showing Romano Scarpa the results of his work, then receiving helpful advice, some of which related to the sensitive stage of melanoma, for which Scarpa he needed partners.

He began to practise, so that he soon assumed the role of chief assistant to the great designer, inking his famous stories such as "The Claw of Kali" and "The Legend of the Flying Scotsman". Gatto continued to practice self-taught until 1956, when he managed to sell to Il Ponte Publications, under the direction of Renato Bianconi, three short stories with characters of his own invention. After a few months Gatto received a script to illustrate a 12-page story featuring the small mountaineer Raviolo Kid.

For four years Gatto also draws stories with Geppo and Nonna Abelards and invents the little man of the Pietrino caves, drawing a total of fifty stories. But Gatto wants to draw Disney heroes. Finally, in March 1958, he was called to the editorial room of director Mario Gentilini, who assigned him the first Disney story "Paperino e il ciliego rabdomante" (unpublished in Greece), starting a collaboration that has continued to this day.

In the first years of the 60s he collaborated with the magazine "Il Monello" designing seven episodes of Sempronio, Felicino and Arcibaldo, replacing Gino Gavioli and with the editor Fasani, while in the 70s and 80s he created more of one hundred stories for the German market with the two fox twins Fix and Foxi. In the 90s, on the contrary, he designed many stories of Topo Gigio and Prezzemolo.

The exhibition "Luciano Gatto - Over 60 years of Italian humor comics" traces an admirable career during which the great Italian comic drew hundreds of stories. The exhibition route, curated directly by the creator, starts from the beginnings of his career, with the help of a short biography and a chronology with references to his collaborations outside of Disney, but also to the period of his apprenticeship at the side of the great conductor of comic, Romano Scarpa, copying three pages from the story "The Night of Kali"

(1958), a masterpiece by Scarpa, with whom Gatto had collaborated as an inker.
Wishing, when transferring the exhibition to Greece, to focus on the world of Disney, given that in our country he became known mainly from the stories published in magazines such as "Mickey Mouse", "Big Mickey", "Almanac", " Donald', 'Classics' and more, dominated by his ink and tempera illustrations, mostly inspired by the most beloved stories featuring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck.


Transfer editor: Yiannis Iatrou

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Event Date 11-09-2023 11:00 am
Event End Date 24-09-2023 11:00 pm
Location Theatre Mikis Theodorakis
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