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A good start

Title:      A good start
Categories:      Self-Published Comic
BookID:      110
Authors:      Τζουνάκου Αριάδνη
ISBN-10(13):      1-
Publisher:      self-published
Number of pages:      0
Language:      English
Availability:      5 
Picture:      cover

Sadness, for me, has always been a very difficult problem to deal with. It arises from within, often without explanation, and leads my train of though through unwelcoming tunnels. Sometimes the ride lasts for minutes. Other time it takes years to find the exit.

This short comic is an effort to show you what happens during these low rides. I wish the pages on your hands managed to spur something meaningful from within and help you in your life, even just a little bit. Never forget, you are worthy love and joy.

A GOOD START is dedicated to Sevi, Eva, Deppy and Leo. I wouldn't be here without your love and support.

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