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10.000 ZOMBIE

Title:      10.000 ZOMBIE
Categories:      Books
BookID:      PB00004
Authors:      Hartman David
ISBN-10(13):      9788879408189
Publisher:      Logos
Publication date:      2012
Edition:      1
Number of pages:      107
Language:      Italian
Availability:      5 
Picture:      cover

In "10,000 Zombies" Emmy-nominated illustrator David Hartman presents a stunning collection of imaginative zombies in all their gruesome glory. Each terrifying character has been neatly hewn at the neck and waist to allow you to flip the pages of the book to create over 10,000 original zombies, all with their own accompanying story. Will you choose to create a brain-spewing yellow-eyed fiend, wielding a chain-saw with mechanical legs or an eyeball-popping green ghoul with decomposing flesh and blood-splattered nail-encrusted legs? The sheer number of combinations is sure to keep you thoroughly entertained. Each section of zombie is paired with text from horror writer Alexander Cox and all the extracts are interchangeable, giving you complete creative control over your story. These are distressingly explicit tales though so prepare to start feeling queasy!

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