Program 6th Chaniartoon 2022

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A 3D Virtual Tabletop featuring a massive World Builder that provides you with 3D Assets, Heroes, and Monsters for all kinds of RPGs

Event Date 08-09-2022 20:00
Event End Date 08-09-2022 21:00
Categories Presentations


Event Date 14-09-2022 21:00
Event End Date 14-09-2022 23:30
Categories Short Films, Presentations

 Creating an experience through comics, Worldbuilding in RPG, Illustrating Thanasis Papakonstantinou, Music in children’s books, Sound and Image: Different But The Same, Τhe art of dubbing

Event Date 15-09-2022 19:00
Event End Date 15-09-2022 22:00
Categories Presentations

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Event Date 16-09-2022 19:00
Event End Date 16-09-2022 20:00
Categories Presentations

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Event Date 17-09-2022 12:00
Event End Date 17-09-2022 13:00
Categories Presentations

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Event Date 17-09-2022 20:00
Event End Date 17-09-2022 21:00
Categories Presentations
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